AxFina is an asset and loan servicer that spearheads innovation and financial inclusion across Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.”

Loan Servicing and Debt Collection

Non-Core is our Core Business.

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Loan Servicing and Debt Collection

Benefit from higher pay-backs in multiple asset classes. We cover the entire servicing process for secured and unsecured receivables: performing and non-performing. Our services include digital, customer-centric debt management solution (Finastic) and Corporate / SME / Secured cases: dedicated teams of experts.

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Structured Non-Core Solutions

Full scope of business / bank optimization solutions: Carve-out of legacy business: that no longer fits strategy / geography / underperforming unit / sub-scale business with excess overheads. Take over of unit to boost your core business growth.

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Acquisition support

Portfolio analytics and credit due diligence. Pricing analysis incl. asset collection strategies, recovery options and asset valuation. Deal structuring.


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