We fundamentally believe in financial inclusion. By embracing technology, we provide digital services that empower customers to overcome financial distress.

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White Label Digital Debt Management

Omnichannel communication | Digital Debt Management | One-click payments | Access to credit | Data analytics

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Omni-channel communication

Activate your clients by using omni-channel digital communication strategy in collections. Use channels and time of their preference, including Email, SMS, In-App, Viber and WhatsApp. Boost engagement with customer-centric and empathetic messages tailored to the individual situation. All based on constant monitoring of customer data and customer behavior patterns.

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Digital Debt Management Platform and Online Payments

We reinvented the way for customers to be in charge of their debts. Customers are empowered to manage their debts in a flexible and friendly way: by checking their balances, setting convenient repayment plans and making secure online payments. All fully digital.

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Access to credit

We offer personalized, affordable and instant access to credit, including debt consolidation and refinancing, for individuals ignored by traditional financial institutions who demonstrate positive repayment behavior.

Cooperation Models

AxFina as servicer of portfolios

White Label Platform-as-a-Service offering

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